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Your Basic Crap:
Name: Thomas
Age: 16
Location: Hopkinsville.... o.0
Sexual Preference: Straight, although I can tell whether or not some dude is ugly. Believe it.
Whatever else you want to say [and it better be good]: Does Britney Spears junkie get me rejected? jk :-P

Crap we made up:
What makes you cool? - That fact that if you say I'm not you'll feel sorry for me. **points at pic along with application**
And we should accept you, because...? Because I applied **reference above statement**
Prove to us you are not an idiot: If I had perfrect grammar, that would be it. But since I don't, I guess I would have to say that this is the coolest community on LJ. ;-)
Do you think we are mean [based on the assumption that you have read the rules, etc]: Yes, in a good way, though. No idiots eh?
Give us three people that are hot: Pammy (I so know Pam Anderson personally), Angelina Jolie and Jenna Jameson.

Random Questions
The coolest thing you've ever done? Beat the shit out of a 21 y/o for smackin' his woman up?
The stupidest, least cool, thing you've ever done? I once wore highwaters to school just because no one else had the balls too.
Do you think you are hot? **ahem**
.. Smart? Not at all.
.. Funny? On certain subjects yes, but usually, no.
Is friendship a big deal to you? What do you look for in friends? Yes, big deal, if someone befriends ME, that says alot.
What do you think of the porn industry? Why do you ask? **big eyes** You haven't seen my video, have you?
Pick an event & explain your stance on it. || The Chair for Murder || - Bible says, tooth for a tooth, therefore, life for a life. Sum it up?
Give us your opinion on any of the controversial issues that our country is currently debating. || Homosexual Marriage || - Not right. But it'ts not my life, and I, don't judge you.
Tell us something you feel very strongly about. Love, Computers :-), Trust, Manners (around the right people), and Music.

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