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Your Basic Crap:
Name: Tyler
Age: 18
Location: Edmonton, KY
Sexual Preference: Samantha
Whatever else you want to say [and it better be good]:
I love Samantha!
Crap we made up:
What makes you cool? Cause I love Samantha's boobies and I fucking rock
And we should accept you, because...? See above
Prove to us you are not an idiot: because I have a 4.0 gpa....and I fucking rock
Do you think we are mean [based on the assumption that you have read the rules, etc]: nah
Give us three people that are hot: Samantha, Samantha, and Samantha

Random Questions
The coolest thing you've ever done? sexed to porn
The stupidest, least cool, thing you've ever done?
Do you think you are hot? Hell Yea
.. Smart? Hell Yea
.. Funny? Sure
Is friendship a big deal to you? What do you look for in friends? yea --intelligence, reliability, and interests in the same things as me
What do you think of the porn industry? It fuckin rocks
Pick an event & explain your stance on it. sexin it up to porn -- you should already know my stance
Give us your opinion on any of the controversial issues that our country is currently debating. war in Iraq -- something had to be done
Tell us something you feel very strongly about. Lovin Samantha Ashley :).

[We are giving you a chance to make your first impression.. and you get to choose what it is! Now, make it good. We count A LOT of points toward this last statement]
Make it: "If a man neglects education, he walks lame to the end of his life."
~ Plato (c.427-347 BC)
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