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Your Basic Crap:
Name: Nicki
Age: 17
Location: Edmonton
Sexual Preference: Straight, usually :p
Whatever else you want to say [and it better be good]: I've made the decision that I do not like basketball. That's all I could think of

Crap we made up:
What makes you cool? Because I'm myself and it doesn't matter what people think of it. And look at my friends!
And we should accept you, because...? I'm effin cool, I guess :p
Prove to us you are not an idiot: You guys know that I'm not. I don't know how to prove it.
Do you think we are mean [based on the assumption that you have read the rules, etc]: To people that you need to be mean to
Give us three people that are hot: Tommy Lee, Craig Smith, Benji Madden

Random Questions
The coolest thing you've ever done? Living, because you guys know that is an accomplishment for what I've been through
The stupidest, least cool, thing you've ever done? I dunno, I've done a few uncool things in my time
Do you think you are hot? Not really
.. Smart? Yeah, not abnormally smart or anything
.. Funny? To an extent
Is friendship a big deal to you? What do you look for in friends? Yeah. Just people I can hang out with that don't get on my nerves and I can be myself around without caring. Well, I don't care anyways.. But people that I can hang out with without having to worry about anything, especially feelings uncomfortable
What do you think of the porn industry? Porn doesn't really bother me. So I really don't care.
Pick an event & explain your stance on it. The suicide of Kurt Cobain. I think that it was set up by Courtney Love. I don't think that he did it himself, someone else did it.
Give us your opinion on any of the controversial issues that our country is currently debating. Umm.. I hate fighting in Iraq cause Brian had to go over there and that makes me really sad.
Tell us something you feel very strongly about. Abortion should be illegal. It makes me sad.

[We are giving you a chance to make your first impression.. and you get to choose what it is! Now, make it good. We count A LOT of points toward this last statement]
Make it: Sometimes a scream is better than a thesis
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