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It's pretty simple, really, and we really hate to use the word 'rules', but needless to say, there is going to be some idiot who will mess the entire application up and pretty much irritate us to where we just say 'no' and forget it. So, to give everyone a chance, geeks and nerds alike, we are going to post a few rules, followed by the application you'll need to submit, whether you read the rules or not.
However. If you are completely devoid of intelligence and wish to NOT get accepted, don't read/follow the rules.

You have GOT to fill out the application. Why wouldn't you, anyway? Of course no one is going to accept you if you stumble onto this community and post about your boy/girl friend's hairy back. It's for order, reject.

USE AN LJ CUT. Nothing irritates us more [anyone, most likely] than gigantic pictures/animation/artwork, etc overflowing everyone's entries. Don't know it? <*lj-cut text="Title of your crap you are posting"*> -- Post your crappy pictures, etc, here -- End it with <*/lj-cut> Take out the STARS rejects, it will not work if you don't.

If you piss us off, we'll ban you. We're not going to play melodramatic Livejournal games with you. We don't get into that. If we do ban you, we'll post your username on our page and we will laugh at you.

Don't piss off the other members, especially if you haven't even been accepted. We'll ban/make fun of you for that, too.

Please, do not typ3 lik3 thi$. Or if u have a habit 2 talk like this, where u dunno how 2 use proper w0rds, dont bother, either.

Lastly, DO NOT VOTE on other people, if your sorry arse hasn't been accepted, yet.

That's all.

Note: Everything in brackets ( [ ] ) can [and should] be left out.

Your Basic Crap:
Sexual Preference:
Whatever else you want to say [and it better be good]:

Crap we made up:
What makes you cool?
And we should accept you, because...?
Prove to us you are not an idiot:
Do you think we are mean [based on the assumption that you have read the rules, etc]:
Give us three people that are hot:

Random Questions
The coolest thing you've ever done?
The stupidest, least cool, thing you've ever done?
Do you think you are hot?
.. Smart?
.. Funny?
Is friendship a big deal to you? What do you look for in friends?
What do you think of the porn industry?
Pick an event & explain your stance on it.
Give us your opinion on any of the controversial issues that our country is currently debating.
Tell us something you feel very strongly about.

[We are giving you a chance to make your first impression.. and you get to choose what it is! Now, make it good. We count A LOT of points toward this last statement]
Make it:

LEAVE ONE, not three, not four, not two, ONE, picture on the bottom of your application. We’ll use this ONE picture for our accepted members section.
[Although we do not judge on your pictures, hence the fact that we've only asked for one, given that we couldn't give a rat's arse what you look like, however the one picture you leave with us needs to be hott. Lame, cheesy, and/or souped up pictures [with effects, image controls, etc.] will give you an automatic no. Why? Because it will annoy us.]

Lastly, if you are accepted, Tell us which banner you would prefer to link to your info page.

[Banners can be found, here.]

A picture section, as well as the application, of all accepted members can be found Here

· ch3rrypie
· hallo_seele_

All information [application/bio/pictures] concerning maintainers can be found here.

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